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Natural Vitality Australia is the Exclusive Australian Importer of OliveHeart.
Natural Vitality Australia

Olive Heart Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oliveheart® is a premium extra virgin olive oil with a fruity flavour.

Oliveheart® is expertly produced from a wide range of olive cultivators, to ensure the highest quality. Each step from planting through to final storage is strictly monitored.

Oliveheart® can be enjoyed with bread, salads, vegetables and fish. If used in cooking do not burn.

20gm (22ml) per day of Oliveheart®.
Contains 25mg of Olive Oil polyphenols per 100g of oil.

Oliveheart® has a very fruity green flavour lingering taste which remains in the mouth.

What are Polyphenols?
The Polyphenols are natural antioxidants that benefits human health. Harvest time is one of the key factors to affect the polyphenol levels in the olive oil.

Oliveheart® oil is made from green (unripe) olives (early harvests) which have higher polyphenols than oil made from ripe olives.

Size: Available in 500ml (16 fl oz)