Natural Vitality Australia
Natural Vitality Australia

Oza Cera Bricks®


Think water, think Cera®, Think OZA Micro Molecule Water

Softens Hard Water
Hydration for People, Soil, Plants and Animals
Reduces Water Molecule Size
Large Scale Water Use
Suitable in Water Tanks, Bores, Dams, Water Troughs
Provides Natural Flora to help Dextoxify Water

Natural Vitality AustraliaWHAT IS A CERA BRICK?
OZA®Cera Bricks is made by fermenting special high-energy clays with OZA® (Organic Zymo Agent) and then baked to lock in the OZA®. During the baking process the structure of the clay changes, trapping the OZA® within its matrix. As a result, Cera Blocks® exert their influence purely through their physical properties and remain effective almost indefinitely. When Cera Bricks® are placed in water they have an immediate effect on the water.

OZA Cera® Micro Molecule Water tends to perform superior hydration. The water is more palatable and full of vitality. Electric conductivity and salinity is reduced by 10-15%. Hard water is softened naturally and soft water means enhanced hydration. Even the salinity content of bore water is reduced significantly with the OZA Cera® Technology.

Add to troughs to improve the water quality and hydration. Livestock and animals come to Cera Brick® water eagerly. Farmers of dairy, cattle, sheep, chicken growers, and horse lovers will see improved performance.

We look forward to hearing your health from this amazing brick.

To treat drinking water
Based on Fibonacci sequence you will require approximately:
Suitable for dams, tanks & troughs.
1 Brick per 4000 ltrs (1 cubic metre)
2 Bricks per 10,000 - 15,000 ltrs
3 Bricks per 25,000 - 30,000 ltrs
4 Bricks per 65,000 - 100,000 ltrs
5 Bricks per 100,000 - 150,000 ltrs