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Sports Oxy Shot

Sports Oxyshot is a liquid oxygenated saline water supplement that provides extra oxygen to the body.

For sportspeople, plentiful oxygen is vital for optimizing energy, stamina, strength, and in assisting the recovery process. Sports Oxyshot is a world breakthrough - the most potent liquid oxygen supplement available, containing at least 15% oxygen at manufacture.

It is made in Australia, contains all natural ingredients and is very safe to use:
Contains no banned substances
Certified by the Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory
PH balanced
No free radicals
No side effects
Not possible to overdose

Sports Oxyshot is suitable for everyone who participates in any type of sport or exercise activity, at any level.

Sports Oxyshot is Best Taken Neat*.

* Why does Sports Oxyshot smell and taste like chlorine?
During manufacture sodium is removed from the salt leaving behind nutritional chloride. The chloride is responsible for the 'swimming pool' taste, but is also essential for keeping the oxygen in the solution. Sports Oxyshot contains NO chlorine, only natural ingredients -- it's all good!

Take 20mL approx. 30 minutes before training or competing. take on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating.
For extreme sports, take as needed.

Take 10mL first thing in the morning and 10mL at night directly before bedtime.

Immediately after training, competition or performance take a minimum of 10mL.
Note: You can vary this protocol to best suit your own training regime.

Size: Available in 250ml

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How do I take Sports OxyShot?
Sports OxyShot is taken orally.

You can mix Sports OxyShot in an equivalent amount of juice, milk or pure water (not mineral water), provided it is consumed promptly. For best results take Sports OxyShot at least 30 minutes before or two hours after eating and take it neat.

What are the ingredients in Sports OxyShot?
Sports OxyShot contains at least 15% Oxygen, de-ionised water and a small amount of salt. Sodium/chloride - the nutritional part of salt.

How long does it take to notice results?
Everyone's body is different and so some people notice results within about half an hour and for others it takes a couple of days to notice a difference.

Are there any side effects when taking Sports OxyShot?

Will Sports OxyShot interfere with any nutritional supplements or medications?

Can you take Sports OxyShot and other nutritional supplements or medications at the same time?
To obtain the maximum benefits, it is preferred and recommended to take Sports OxyShot neat, on an empty stomach 30 minutes before food or other nutritional supplements or medications.

Is Sports OxyShot pH balanced?
Yes. Sports OxyShot is balanced to a slightly alkaline state which is beneficial to the body. It won't damage delicate membranes.

How much oxygen is actually in Sports OxyShot?
It contains at least 15 % v/v (volume-to-volume) which is equivalent to 150,000 parts per million of stabilized bio-available di-atomic oxygen at manufacture. Bio-available means easy for the body to use. The oxygen content of every batch is tested and confirmed by an independent laboratory.

What is the shelf life of Sports OxyShot?
It is a minimum of 2 years for an unopened bottle and 8 months for an opened bottle.

How should I store Sports OxyShot?
Once opened it is best stored in a refrigerator, however you can store Sports OxyShot at room temperature. It is important to keep it out of direct sunlight.

What is the difference between Sports OxyShot and hydrogen peroxide or other oxygen products on the market?
Sports OxyShot is a liquid solution which contains intact oxygen molecules ready for immediate absorption.

It should not be confused with the Chemical Chlorite compounds which represent an older, now outdated approach to providing oxygen supplementation.

These older Chlorite type compounds must first come into contact with the acid in the stomach before oxygen is released by way of a vigorous chemical reaction.

Also, Sports OxyShot should not be confused with hydrogen peroxide, a compound which can cause a severe "healing crisis" if not administered properly and with appropriate care.

How is Sports Oxyshot made?
Put simply, purified water with a little salt added (to facilitate an electrolyte solution) is exposed to a serious electric charge.

This process of electrolysis progressively "de-composes" the water by removing hydrogen from the H2O and by uniquely bonding the surplus oxygen molecules together, enabling the solution to remain stable whilst "super concentrating" the oxygen level.